An alternative to the ordinary; because everyone deserves a beautiful life.

Bella Vita Solutions is an agency that provides supports and services to individuals with mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and traumatic brain injury so that they can live meaningful lives and remain in the least restrictive setting possible.  Bella Vita Solutions provides Community Living Supports, Skill Building, Job Coaching, and Life Enrichment programs and events.

The name Bella Vita Solutions (Italian for “A Beautiful Life”) was chosen based on our conviction that all people are entitled to, and capable of, living a beautiful life based on his or her own personal choices, dreams and desires. Our goal is to help you develop skills that lead to greater control and less reliance on others; become active and productive members of your community; increase social connections, quality of relationships, and natural supports; and engage in the passionate pursuit of your dreams.  We do whatever it takes to help the people we work with achieve a life of peace, friendship, happiness, and fulfillment.

Whether you are seeking services for the first time or feel you should be getting more from your current provider, Bella Vita Solutions can help.


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